The web must be simple and focused

The web: a tool for human beings. A human being who is fullfilling a task(send and email, reading news, buy a book, watch a movie). And as a tool, must be usable, must be easy and fluid.

But, if this tool turns difficult? If this human being feels pain when browsing the web? If this tool, more than a pleasure became in a torture? Sometimes we feel that way, when we go to a particular web and every link hurts like a thorn, every color make our eyes bleed...

The usability of a web has been misunderstood by many web developers and designers when they forget that the users browse the web(even if a personal blog) looking for something, and the users in some specific cases could feel lost and disappointed!

The users rulz the web! This means: without users your web site dies, so, take care of it and fulfill your users wishes. The users love a web faster than pretty, secure tahn modern, simple than complex, so, be smart and gather all this requirements!

Don't waste your users time! Adds, dancing clips, useless links, anything but consistence could bother! When you gain your users trust, take care of it, the abyss is one click away! Just simplify, reduce and optimize!